Christmas Trees
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Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

Fraser Fir


A lovely tree with short soft needles. Like the Nordmaan and Noble fir it has excellent needle retention. It has a narrower shape than the Nordmaan Fir and is a popular choice if space is at a premium.

Nordmaan Fir Christmas Tree

Nordmann Fir


The original non-drop tree with excellent needle retention. The tree presents a wide conical shape, with lovely soft dark green foliage. It is now the most popular Christmas tree in the UK.

Noble Fir Christmas Tree

Noble Fir

The Noble Fir is deep blue/green in colour. It has good spacing between branches, a lovely fragrance and excellent needle retention. They originate from the Rocky Mountains of North America where they are nicknamed the "King of Christmas Trees."

Douglas Fir Christmas Tree

Douglas Fir

A beautiful tree with soft, shiny green needles and a lovely citrus aroma. Choose a Douglas Fir that is freshly cut and keep it well watered.

Rocky Mt. Fir Spruce Christmas Tree

Rocky Mountain Fir

Blue-green, silvery foliage. Naturally grows tall and slim 5ft – 6ft. Good needle retention.


Korean Fir

The Korean Fir are wider, more rounded and softer tree, giving a full conical appearance as the branches twirl around its central stem. They have a good needle retention.

Blue Spruce Christmas Tree

Blue Spruce


This tree has an excellent natural shape and is best known for its beautiful colour; which varies from silvery-green to a stunning steel blue and a sleek pyramidal silhouette. Guaranteed to be a great centre piece to any Christmas.

Norway Spruce Christmas Tree

Norway Spruce


Considered the oldest traditional Christmas tree, Norway Spruce is bushy and well-shaped with short, light green needles and has a lovely pine fragrance.

Meyer Spruce Christmas Tree

Meyer Spruce


Meyer Spruce is catching on as a favoured alternative to the Blue Spruce. Like the Blue Spruce, it’s most notable for its distinct, blue-green colour and tapered conical shape. The boughs are upright and dense with foliage. Soft, needle-like leaves cover the branch in a uniform, spiral fashion, making it perfect for a festive look.


Wreaths & Stands


We have a great selection of wreaths & reindeer stands made locally to choose from.


We also have a great range of Christmas tree "CINCO" stands with excellent water holding capacity essential in keeping the cut tree as fresh as possible.

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