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Quality Pre Cut Christmas Trees Ready to Net


Choose from a selection of home grown trees cut fresh from our own plantations. Sizes are available from 4ft up to 12ft+. We cut our trees to meet demand so you can be assured our trees are fresh. The majority of pre-cut trees are Nordmann Fir which have excellent needle retention and lovely foliage. Check out our other species of trees here. If you are looking for 15ft+ trees please contact us for further information. Once you've found your tree, find a member of staff and they will be happy to help you net your tree ready to take home. We also have a delivery service option available.

A Selection of Potted Trees to Choose From


Our pot grown trees are purpose grown to be the perfect Christmas addition to your home. Easy to maintain, simple to decorate and low-fuss with little effect. Best of all, it's great for the environment! You can keep your tree all year round (provided you keep it in a safe location and take good care of it), watch it grow and use it again next Christmas. We no longer allow digging up trees, so buying a potted tree is a great alternative.

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree


Come along and walk through our beautiful fields, browse the plantations and cut down your own tree (*during daylight hours). We have plenty of saws and can cut for you. The fields can get muddy and the temperature can drop as the days draw in, so please make sure to wear suitable foot wear and wrap up warm. If you can't find a tree you like, there is a great selection of pre cut trees home grown from our plantations and potted trees available to take home. Unfortunately, we no longer allow trees to be dug up. 


Potted Trees
Cut Your Own
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