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Frequently Asked Questions


Before contacting us, please read through the frequently asked questions, covering all your favourite questions related to prices, opening times, dogs, tagging and booking.

Do you take card?


Yes, we accept all types of card payments, contactless, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

What time do you open?


Open from:

17th Nov – 23rd Dec 2023.

Everyday Mon – Sun: 9am – 7pm.

No cutting down trees after 4pm.


Floodlit pre cut fresh tree area open until 7pm every night with plenty of choice.

Please be aware we cannot allow people down into the plantation to cut after 4pm, due to our insurance, although you are still very welcome to come to buy pre cut trees and wreaths etc in the yard until 7pm.

Do I need to book for the weekend?


No, you do not need to book. We have decided not to bother with the booking system as we have extra parking this year so just turn up at a time that suits you from the 17th November 2023!

Are you tagging this year?


No, this year (2023) we will not be tagging trees and you can't use your own tag; the tree you choose must be cut down on the day of your visit or risk being taken by someone else. If you don't want to cut your tree yourself, find a member of our staff and we will come and help you cut it down.

Do you have pre cut trees?


Yes, we have a large selection of pre cut trees to choose from in our barn. We cut our trees to meet demand so you can be assured our pre cut trees are fresh and will last the entire duration of the Christmas period.

How much do your Christmas trees cost?


Our pre cut Christmas trees are labeled with different colours depending on their height. You can find our prices here. If you are cutting your own tree, please make your way back to the barn when you have finished. A member of our staff will then measure the height of your tree to determine the cost. Please note that trees you have cut yourself may vary in prices.

What are your delivery charges?


Find our delivery service charges here.

How Should I care for my tree?


Watch the video below or find our care instructions here.

Can I bring my dog?


No, unfortunately we cannot allow dogs on site, including exercising in our car park. If you bring your dog, we please ask that you leave them in your car. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you on the day of your visit.

Do you sell stands?


Yes, we sell a variety of stands for all your Christmas tree needs. You can find them in our barn when you come to visit.

Do you have toilets?


Yes, we have on site toilets available by the barn which are cleaned regularly.

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