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Christmas Tree Prices


Our Christmas trees are labeled with different colours depending on their height in range of 1.15m to 3m. Trees over 3m and potted trees are individually priced. Please send us an enquiry if you would like to purchase a large tree.


If you are cutting your own tree, please make your way back to the barn when you have finished. A member of our staff will then measure the height of your tree to determine the cost.


Please note the prices below are to give you an idea of the cost and are subject to change.

Please send an enquiry if you wish to purchase a large tree over 12ft as stocks are limited.

Christmas Tree Labels

Christmas Tree Label Prices. Approximate size in metric. Colour of the label indicates the size of the Christmas tree. Please do not cut Christmas trees under 4 foot to 1.2 metres or cut out the leaders of our trees. Purple label: 1.2 metre to 1.5 metre (or 4 foot to 5 foot) £37. Blue label: 1.5 metre to 1.75 metre (or 5 foot to 5.9 foot) £42. Red label: 1.75 metre to 2 metre (or 5.9 foot - 6.7 foot) £49. Yellow label: 2 metre - 2.25 metre (or 6.7 foot - 7.5 foot) £57. Green label: 2.25 metre to 2.5 metre (or 7.5 foot - 8.3 foot) £67. Pink label: 2.5 metre - 2.75 metre (or 8.3 foot - 8.10 foot) £82. Plotted trees are all individually priced.

Christmas Tree Stand Prices

List of Christmas Tree Stand Prices. Quickstand 8 inch: £24. Quickstand 10 inch: £36. Cinco 6 Christmas Stand: £22. Cinco 6 Christmas Stand: £26. Cinco 10 Christmas Stand: £38. Cinco 12 Christmas Stand: £44. Christmas Tree Wooden Barrel: £35. Christmas Tree Wooden Barrel & stand: £58.

Decorative Reindeer Stand Prices

Decorative Reindeer Stand Prices. Small Reindeer: £16. Medium Reindeer: £20. Large Reindeer: £30.
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